These are most of my works on canvas, in various media. I attempted to place them in descending order with most recent first, but lost track about 10 paintings in. My practice of repainting old works, updating them as new thoughts take hold, or new abilities are learned, means that it may look like I have repeated some. Upon closer examination you will find differences, and I count these as different paintings if it stayed that way for a period if time, more than just hours it days…I will add captions as I am able. Thus us by no means my entire body of works on canvas, only what I have documented since around 2007.

Inheritance of Daughters, 24″ x 30″acrylic on canvas, 2018

A Tableau of multi-generational sexual abuse. In this painting I referenced childhood photos of my Grandmother (central figure) and my Mother (in front of the fireplace). The woman leaving the room is my great grandmother, Elijah Anne Herriger, who died of Consumption when Grandma was 7. And, of course, we have the anonymous abuser whose eyes we are looking through. This is a fictitious scenario, but it depicts what happens every day in homes all over this country, and world.

Then and Now, 24″x 38″ mixed media on Wall board, 2018

Drawn from my body dysmorphism caused by abuse. I painted this on humble drywall (wallboard) to emphasize further my low opinion of myself, and I painted this merely hours after a (second) surgery to fix my nose, which my ex had broken multiple times. The bunny appears quite often in my “flashback” paintings, he is a protector of my inner child, ready to dash me down to his burrow at the first signs of danger. ” Embracing my guts” is a play on words. I have a large belly, like all my family, and have hated this part of my anatomy with a vengeance. I’m not sure what happened to me, but I recoil violently when my belly is touched . So, I am here referencing “Guts” in terms of courage to face my past and heal, as well as my prominent stomach in a physical sense and the need to embrace this part of me.

The Sentinel’s Prayer, 28″ x 32″ mixed media on canvas 2018

Depicting so many emotions, gratitude for being alive! This piece began out of a desire to show my deep gratitude to my HP for allowing me to live thru Alcoholism, Addiction, Sexual Assault, Rape, Trauma and all the other situations He saved me from. The Sentinel is offering a prayer to God, asking for forgiveness for an earth in dire circumstances. I overworked the piece, she was way more beautiful in her much simpler state. But I just keep painting…

Flashback #937, 34″x 28″ mixed media on canvas 2018

Inspired by domestic abuse and the documentary, The Vietnam War, by Ken Burns