At times the Artist feels so exposed…so unlike the rest…so isolated from the rest of humankind… She express this as ,”Feeling like I am painted Green”.

“Through the Eyes of a Survivor” Show

THROUGH The EYES Of A SURVIVOR—Solo Show .   These Works were compiled for my Solo Show at The Morean Arts Center during Sexual Violence Awareness Month. The Autobiographical Works are a portal into the Flashbacks and Emotional Upheaval of Violent Sexual Abuse that I have experienced, beginning at age 8. My Art is a necessary […]

Fleeting, by Susan T. Martin

Have you ever had snippets of your past flit thru your mind? If you have, you may have an inkling of what someone with PTSD and it’s related Flashbacks experience. For me these are almost always paralyzing and confusing , and definitely debilitating.  In my experience as a violent sexual assault survivor three times over, […]

A Saint Petersburg Artist Resident

It has been an enormously trying year and one half, year and 8 months , actually. I have grown SO much since I have lived here in St. Petersburg, I have learned to believe in myself, and in my ability to survive. As An ARTIST.  In my own right, I have put in the footwork, stretched […]

We’re All Innocent by Susan T. Martin

This painting is Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″x 36″ signed and unframed. It is the culmination of months of work and thought, and is now, finally, at a stage I can call finished. I think we have spoken to one another long enough, now I will let it speak to you. There are many ways […]