Out of the Gutter Photography

As a Multi Disciplinary Self Taught Artist, I have spent my life making images. I was not encouraged in my artistic pursuits; my Dad had not been able to fulfill his Art Career Dreams, so I could not either. I was told I was a terrible photographer who “never took a good picture, just like Mom”. I believed this lie, but loved the medium and as tech advanced the discipline to new heights, I dove right in. After purchasing my first Surface Pro and Digital Camera when my Disability Case was decided, I learned so much, and editing my photos became an exciting component of my Art. My love of Creation leads me outside to find beautiful night skys, awesome cloud formations and the Moon. Of course, the Moon. One of my Dad’s obsessions, he took endless photos of sunset, and of his beloved Moon and stars. I think if he were still alive he would be so happy that I did not let him discourage me!

Morning Moon

The Images are alive in vivid hues, they become what I envision them as dreamscape scenes. INTENSITY OF Color! I see Wonder too-as shape and mass merge and line and value entwine…in my mind…

Green Cloud Moon©STMartin2020

Do I have to have formal training to see the majesty? I wish I had more technical knowledge, I learn as I go…

The Flower from Mars©STMartin2020
Birds of the Century©STMartin

the image is a painting, broken down, separated, built again… Each adjustment of contrast, exposure, tint and highlight is a new Vista unfolding before me… Experimenting, fine tuning this wondrous tech…there is no limit to the amazement of each discovery!!

I AM TRANSFORMED, I am a creature of the DEEP WOODS.