2020: BRING IT ON !

WIN_20200104_22_03_58_Pro (4)_LI.     1.  Brave. That is who I am this year. Brave.

I shall face obstacles head on. No veering, no turning back. Just push right thru, grab the bull by the horns! Better yet, BE THE BULL !! ( not that kind, silly…) I will stand up for myself.

2. Positive. That is also who I am this year. Positive.

No more self defeating negativity. I will begin the habit (again) of keeping a gratitude journal, a tool that has served my very well in the past. There will be times when seeing the “bright” side will seem impossible, however, impossible is last year’s word.

3. Curious. This I will continue to be. Curious.

Inquisitive in my art, exploring new possibilities, will cause me to reach new heights in my self expression! This shall be extremely  satisfying. I have so much to explore, new methods, styles, mediums…yay!

I have a new “Mark” or signature for my art, I have been experimenting for a while and hit on something I like… You can see it on my featured image:STM.

Alrighty , then. Onwards and UPWARDS!