My Lifeline During Manic Episodes

.      These days, research into the disease of Bipolar Disorder has definitively found that those with this devastating illness have different synapses of the brain firing during certain situations, as opposed to those without a BP diagnosis. Tangible, physical proof that the Disorder is a chemical malfunction of the brain, not some kind of moral quagmire. While I am fairly certain that it … Continue reading My Lifeline During Manic Episodes

Days Gone By

This painting has been chosen by The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation to be part of their permanent collection. It will be in the Insights IV Art Exhibition in October in Chicago. I will add more info soon. .   I just went to see my aunt across the state, and came back sad. It will take a few more days to get my head right. … Continue reading Days Gone By

The Mulberry Bush

My painting above was first titled “They Don’t Live Here Anymore”, and it did not include the snowy white hands which are seen parting the foliage for a better view of the Native American woman. No, it was just a lovely pastoral scene: nature in it’s pristine state, unspoiled by European bunglers. I had to change it, inject myself into the view. I wanted to … Continue reading The Mulberry Bush

“BREATHE” a Dedicated Work

“Now a new song…was playing in my head as I painted, and joy and hope came back to my heart…” Continue reading “BREATHE” a Dedicated Work

Discomforting Reality

Know the why. (do I have to?) If you Hurt, then you must. (why?) So that the pain can be dealt with. (I like the pain) WHY? (it’s known.) Hmmmm…So then, does she know the why? No. She knows the pain. So, the why is that it is familiar. Is it comfortable? No, it’s pain. (I don’t want the pain anymore, but I choose it. … Continue reading Discomforting Reality

Home, a place I used to run away from. (Doe, a deer, a female deer…) It felt like Prison to my adolescent heart that yearned for escape. From all the anger and bitterness, all the dislike we harbored for each other. And run I did, but still tethered to the safety net of a Mother I could manipulate at will, whether begging for money or … Continue reading