ABOUT: Susan is an accomplished fine artist of extraordinary sensitivity and insight. As an artist with the Mental Illness of Bipolar Disorder, a survivor of violent sexual assault and childhood sexual assault, Susan has a unique perspective. She uses her art practice not only to create intricate tableaus and biographical pieces, but also as a therapeutic outlet for flashbacks and manic episodes. Her work is in the permanent collection of The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation who fund research for Early Detection of Bipolar Disorder in Children. She participates in Advocacy Art Projects for Victims of Violent Sexual Assault, and speaks out on her experiences and recovery. Her work and Story have been featured in a Mental Health Center’s promotional You Tube Video, and her art is in many private collections. An Artist Member of The Morean Arts Center and The Warehouse Arts District in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Susan is the originator of the Outrageous Jello Mold as well as being a published author and poet!