a time for cozy blankets, warm spiced teas and gentle thoughts

Detail of my hand painted bedroom walls, in progress…

Here in southwest Florida, on the “Sun Coast”(every few miles of coastline has a nickname) , we have been experiencing the winter weather that snowbirds flock here for. Highs in the mid 80’s, nights in the 70’s or a bit lower… Just bliss. Even we ‘natives’, or ‘transplants’ who live here year round appreciate the break from stifling heat and humidity and with all the holiday commercials and sales it even gets festive in the Sunshine state. I don’t go in for the holidays, I keep things simple.

In my art life I have been focusing on my hand painted decor, finishing and moving forward on projects I started months or even years ago. I am experiencing a shift in my mental outlook at this time, kind of riding out some waves of mania and waiting for the trenches with bated breath. I don’t want it to swing the other way, but Bipolar Disorder marches its way over me no matter what I want. So…the lows will come. I must move thru as though I won’t experience them, without forgetting how to deal successfully with them when they come. Sounds hard? It is.

Self Portrait, day 37…

Here’s an illustration: I’m walking along beside this Psychopath who happens to be my constant companion. I know at some point on our journey he is going to hit me with a baseball bat, but I don’t know when. I can’t stop walking because then he will know I’m onto him and really lay into me, maybe even kill me. I can’t run ahead for the same reason, plus he runs faster than me. And neither of those options are really options because I’m handcuffed to him. So, I walk alongside with a goofy smile so he thinks I am oblivious to the danger. This is where I am now. My Illness is like this Freak I’m chained to. One slip and I’m gonna get whacked. But then I’m gonna get whacked anyway, anytime, with no warning. All I can do is live my life as best I can in between the injuries. My meds are like rolls of toilet paper duct taped around the bat to cushion the blows. It depends on how hard he hits me as to how well the padding works…

Digital Painting, ‘Not So Happy Hour’ ©SusanTMartin2014

There, that’s my life in a nutshell. Or, rather, my life as a nut. I’m bundled up on the couch right now, cause its going down into the 50s tonight. That’s a deep freeze for us full-timers. I don’t have any cocoa, but I do have some ‘Constant Comment’ tea bags. If you’ve never had Constant Comment tea at your Grandma’s you are really missing a treat. It’s black tea with a secret blend of spices and orange peel and I love it. Goes great with a toasted English muffin. Or rocky-road ice cream, whatever you prefer. I have to be careful with my ice cream intake, cause I get really, really sleepy and sick to my stomach…same with cookies, candy, chips, coke, French fries, spaghetti, Yorkshire pud. You understand…

Kleo, my Beloved

I hope y’all are doing well, taking good care of yourselves and those you love. Try to be loving to those you don’t love, including yourself. We can be our harshest critics and hardest taskmasters. Give yourself a pass today, allow some time for a cuppa and quiet meditation. If you have a place to see the sky that can be very soothing, just watching the cloud formations roll by. Cats are good lapwarmers and dogs are good handwarmers, just don’t get too many on top of you or its hard to move. My kitten likes to make bread on my neck and suckle under my ear, it can get painful.

The dreaded Suckle Kitten

I’m afraid she’s going to hit that ‘Spock-pinch’ area and make me go unconscious. Then I’ll stop breathing and I’ll be found deceased under a mound of blankets, cats and a chubby, unkempt shih tzu. Not very romantic. Well, at least my hand painted chintz walls will be impressive…

Rosy-Posie an my wall , who is the best chintz painter of them all? That’s easy cause no one else wants to do it!

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