Lately I Been Dreamin’

Had to take a break from pushing out too much work, too fast. I’m going to linger on this one particular work. Treating it like an oil painting, a touch here…a dab there. Then back up, hit pause and let the work settle inside me. I can see the addict side of me in my art, that instant gratification of a hit of dope. I want the creative burst and the finished product in one go. That is fine, but I’m maturing. (whew, finally?) Well, kind of.

Let’s just say I want to. I want to be a better artist technically, and that takes time and dedication and effort. Don’t expect too much of me, folks. It’s hard to rein in an Iron Horse, which is what I am most of the time. Barreling down the tracks, 100 mikes an hour with no brakes.

Lately I’ve felt the winds shifting a bit. And I think I’m breathing a wee bit easier… I’m looking forward to checkin out some scenery on this ride.

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