My Crucible

Life in a Furnace

Red Hot Suezee©STMartin2020

I have lived in hot climates most of my life now. From the Treasure Coast of Florida to the Sonoran Desert, and much of that was spent working outside and living outside. Perhaps the difference was my age, I was younger when I lived without air conditioning. And I was an active addict and alcoholic who would have stood on hot coals just for one more hit, one more drink. ( I seem to have a hazy memory of that exact thing…hmmm…)

I gotta tell ya, this past month or so without AC has been… it’s hard to find the words. Exhausting is a good word. I get no rest when its 86°F in my bedroom. Sure, I take my meds and lay there, and if they work I lose consciousness; but an hour later I’m drenched and incoherent. So I stumble out of my room and bounce off the walls as I make my way to the couch where I fall out again, and this plays out over the next four or five hours till my meds wear off. Then I’m not only spent, I’m angry and irritable so I stumble outside to cool off in the 80 degree 60% humidity that is an August morning in St. Pete. Argh. (I’m still angry at my Dad for moving us to the subtropics 37 years ago…)

Today’s Insecurities ©STMartin2021

This has put a serious dent in my creativity, because my waking hours are consumed with helping to fix my AC, whether this means moving patio furniture, crawling around the trailer stuffing ductwork underneath, cleaning up construction debris or standing by looking studious. Because I must look like I know what these guys are talking about, just to encourage them not to give up. I must.

Inside Voice 1 ©STMartin2021

But I have deadlines coming, and big shows to get ready for… So, its 80 in here now, Hallelujah!! Someone loaned me a portable unit till mine is fixed. I am so grateful. I am going straight to bed after I finish here. Well, straight to couch, because I’m sleeping right next to this unit! Till we meet again, be kind to your children, your spouses and pets!!!

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