The Duality of My Artistic Self

Depicting my own image has been a starting point my work from the beginning. As a child my drawings were always of female faces, although I never consciously realized these were reflections of me. Even then, in my earliest work, the duality of my nature is blatantly apparent. .  The faces I drew were always […]

Moldy Oldies

Progress is being made daily! 4 molds (maybe more) in various stages of done-ness, plus a life size ceramic duck. Oh, and 3 end tables, 4 chairs, and a round dining room table, all in various stages of done-ness. .  Um…oh yeah, 2 paintings and one mural of a life sized horse…and a new mural […]

Gratitude x One Million!

These feet have walked so far (uphill), This mind has needed rest (a pill), This heart needs romance (a thrill), and This body needs a doctor (a bill)…. .   Anyway, I’m still standing… And grateful … More works are being created as we speak… I will get them on here ASAP!