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Where to start ? You already know my suffering; complex grief, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and so many other glitches and random ailments. I am exhausted already just listing  this. In fact, I am exhausted. I live exhausted, and it is hard living. So much so that I am dropping to my knees here and asking you, dear Reader, to help me. Help me, please, to remember the tools I have to deal … Continue reading HARD WRITING/MAD LIVING

Style? WHAT Style?!!?

Impressionist, Expressionist, Bauhaus, Abstract, Figurative Abstract, Cubism, Realism, Dadaism…schism-wizzem… I could do exercises to l-o-o-s-e-n up… Or I could be more squinched up and detail (read OCD) oriented…I could dress in wispy Bohemian garb (I already do!) or I could button my shirt all the way to the top and frown at everyone like Egon Schiele… I can March to my inner drum, or dream … Continue reading Style? WHAT Style?!!?

Trapped in Time

“Emotional Stuckness, thats a common ailment…” Continue reading Trapped in Time

An Awakening

Sleep has been a constant goal for me since I put down drugs and copious amounts of alcohol. Yet it has been the most evasive and endangered of species, teasing me with scattered glimpses of it’s eternal beauty. Oh, how I have longed for it’s soothing embrace, and so have everyone I have contact with; they also wish sleep would embrace me! .   The constant … Continue reading An Awakening

Feeling at War with Myself

I have been languishing here, letting myself fall off the edge of sanity for a while. Is it physical?emotional?spiritual? No, not spiritual, for I feel close to my Creator. I just feel diminished, somehow, like my life’s blood has been watered down. Perhaps when the rainy season ends I will blossom again. Till then, my friend, bear with me…   Continue reading Feeling at War with Myself